Our engineering capacities span from early concept feasibility studies up to the execution of final production math data. 

In granstudio a solid engineering expertise supports the style development process, working with the necessary feasibility verifications in accordance with the product targets of the project. When developing productions cars, we work with an internal process ( or adapt to the clients process if preferred ) based on the use of complete technical checklists and progress reports. We assure to get the compliance with legislation, homologation for EU, USA and China, dimensional targets, technical and technological requirements. Furthermore granstudio has an extensive experience designing and integrating aerodynamic requirements. 

The technical contents introduced in the project evolve together with the styling growth of the design itself and the different typologyies of mathematical surfaces: C-Class, B-Class, A-Class. In the last grade of math we guarantee that all the engineering requirements - monitoried during the project by the technical checklist - are met, together with the highest level of geometrical quality of the surfaces (GO,G1, G2,G3) and the process input ( including DTS with Gap&Flush ).

We are not an engineering components developer, but we have the knowledge and the experience to drive properly the suppliers selected by our Customer, suggesting the best technologies to be used for the specific context. Several benchmarked companies work with us in advanced and strategic in-house research, this allow us to be a step forward to push innovation into our Customer projects.

Engineering software we use includes CATIA V5, Unigraphics and SolidWorks.