MMKM: Our New Research Unit

The human scale

Granstudio now has its very own research unit!

MMKM is an open research platform for a sensible and thoughtful collaboration between urbanists, designers, sociologists, programmers, artists, engineers, writers, photographers, politicians, entrepreneurs, students... within the field of mobility. It was born by the perceived necessities of automotive designers (object) and urbanists (environment) to focus not on the bare object, nor on its bare environment; but on their relationship and combined impact on human interrelations and experiences.
MMKM's mission is to develop projects, collaborations, research, writings and publications that contribute to develop new and meaningful forms of mobility (object + environment) that raise the quality of our society and our daily experiences. 

Mobility and society grew up together, balanced throughout history by the limits of the human scale. But during the last 100 years the arrival of the automobile - and technology in general - has allowed us to go beyond those limits and scale. As our built environment is a mirror of the way we move, we increasingly live now within one that is meaningful for its vehicles but not for the people sitting in them.

100 years after the industrial revolution that gave us the car, the digital revolutions offers us now new opportunities to define the way we move. We believe that these new opportunities can only be meaningful to people when they arise out of an insight in both the potential of new vehicle systems AND the human needs of our environments. Both vehicle and environment need to be designed together and with understanding of the human needs. Therefore a new type of team is needed that develops those insights and the skills to translate them into real world ideas.

MMKM is that unique team.