Our world is continuously changing. If we want our designs to have a reason to exist, we are forced to first create an understanding of the design’s future context to understand what issues will be at stake for the design by the time it is implemented.

In collaboration with our sister office Reframing Studio, we predict those future concerns to develop relevant products and services that are meaningful for both users and society. This proactive attitude increases possibilities for innovation.

The reframing process* is firmly rooted in a deliberately constructed future world. It goes through specific steps and several phases that provide a clear design trajectory for each project. Since the process defines the goal and not the means, the method can be applied in innovation processes of any kind.

* The reframing process is based on the method Vision in Product design (ViP), developed at the Delft University of Technology by founding partner Prof. Ir. Matthijs van Dijk together with Prof. dr. Paul Hekkert.

see also: Hekkert & Van Dijk (2011) Vision in Design, a guidebook for innovators. Amsterdam: BIS publishers.