What we do

We define, design & develop cars & mobility means




We define future-proof design strategies, vehicle concepts and other mobility means.

Our continuous research into the future of mobility allows us to see new perspectives and opportunities, both for the user and our client. Based on the scope of the project, we can then translate these new insights into strategies, concepts and innovative mobility means. We combine hereby our ideas about what will be desirable in the future with our know how about what will be feasible in that future. We translate this into detailed technical concepts and product definitions if needed. This ensures that our ideas are future-proof and successful for our clients and partners.

To do this we build on our following expertises:
- User & Technology research
- Future Scenario Definition
- Brand & Design Strategy
- Technical Concept & Product Definition



Designing beauty and performance is at the heart of what we do.

We turn early concepts and project briefs into world-class designs. With our experience in aesthetics, ergonomics, aerodynamics and UX/UI we make designs that perform exceptionally well, unveiling a beauty that fits the specific purpose. We use hereby the most advanced digital tools and methods to be time and budget efficient without compromising the quality.

To do this we build on our following expertises:
- Exterior & Interior Styling
- UI/UX design
- Digital Design
- Colour & Trim



We develop designs into actual feasible outcomes, ready for production.

We have the full expertise to develop our designs into prototypes and final math data that are feasible for production. It is here that our engineering knowledge is matched with our relentless search for the highest aesthetic quality. Because we understand that the success of a design will also depend on the passion that is felt in the smallest detail.

To do this we build on our following expertises:
- Math Data Development (Class A surface data)
- Engineering (Engineering Feasibility)
- Prototyping
- Visualizations (video, imaging, configurator)

Our virtual reality design process allows us to shape our designs through interaction, while being more efficient at the same time.
— Lukasz Czekanowski, design senior