Adapting the car during the journey to changing customer needs

The BAIC Suit Concept is a concept car that was presented during the 2018 Beijing Motorshow. The concept explores new design solutions for next generation production cars.



Exchanging culture and experience


The design and development of the BAIC Suit concept was part of a broader collaboration with the BAIC Design Centre. A mixed team was formed, creating an ideal situation to exchange both experience and cultural understandings. This was crucial as the project focussed strictly on the Chinese market.

A mixed team between BAIC and GS was created to develop the Suit Concept.

A mixed team between BAIC and GS was created to develop the Suit Concept.



We researched the Chinese market and defined market specific contents. We designed the exterior and interior and developed the math data for the concept car construction.


DEFINE : We did on site research in China to investigate the future user behavior. This research revealed how the Chinese market is going through unprecedented changes, from the ever-growing multiplicity, impulsiveness and expectation level of customer desires to the imminent advent of autonomous driving. Designing to adapt to that change became thus the central idea. A 3D package was developed based on an available plug in hybrid chassis.

DESIGN: The true essence of the car lies in the flexibility of its interior, designed as an open platform to support any needs that its users may have, planned or unplanned, and let them enjoy the delight of life on board. Key here is the tunnel that, building on an innovative sliding modular system, can be adjusted to one's needs at any moment at the tip of a finger. Together with the versatility of the screen, it turns the interior into a first-class living space, which adapts to users, from drivers to riders in autonomous mode and, of course, passengers, and which supports each one in whatever they do, from driving to working or just relaxing.

DEVELOP: We developed the final surface data for prototype construction of the exterior and interior and followed the on-site construction of the final full scale model.

The tunnel slides to reveal different functions based on different needs

The UX/UI was designed to create an intuive phygital interface

The tunnel creates a visual backbone

The SUIT concept sits 4 in a first class space

The SUIT concept sits 4 in a first class space

Details and material transmit a sense of new luxury

Details and material transmit a sense of new luxury

The customer can choose his preferred tunnel models

A car interior should be conceived as an open platform that allows users to make it their own.
— Lowie Vermeersch, Creative Director


The Suit interior design is a first step toward a new design approach that is open-ended and flexible. More and more interior designs shouldn’t prescribe a singular use but instead create numerous possibilities for users to choose from.




Senova Offspace

Another concept for the Chinese Market


Grammer Vision

A more conceptual translation of the flexible interior

Lightyear One - Photo Rear.jpg

Lightyear One

Similar but production ready approach to the interior design