At Granstudio, we blur the boundaries between car design and other disciplines to fully capture the opportunities that arise exactly in the ‘crossover’ field between them.

Granstudio blurs the boundaries

Granstudio has been founded based on the vision that  the needs of our society are no longer contained within well defined static silos, but arise exactly in the growing & undefined field between them. That is surely the case for our vehicles that moved already well beyond their purely mechanical definition and that, even more importantly, are increasingly becoming part of an ecosystem rather than acting as stand-alone objects. 

This vision is therefore reflected in the approach, expertise and multi-disciplinary team of our studio. Our vision-led approach allows us to create truly innovative products and services, based on a clear vision of the desired user experience rather than on pre-existing conventions. And our expertise allows to translate these ideas into feasible outcomes, because our true passion lies in the future of reality rather that in a fantasy of the future. 

We blur the boundaries....