DRAKO GTE (2019)

Ultimate electric GT performance

The Drako GTE is the first car of US based company Drako Motors. The limited edition GTE showcases their vision of how the advent of the electric drivetrain and advances in software technology can create a new dynamic driving paradigm.



Visualize the exhilarating experience, not on the technology that enables it.

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Shiv Sikand from Drako Motors contacted us with a very clear idea on what he wanted to do. Drako Motors had developed and tested an innovative electric architecture that allowed for incredible driving sensations, and he wanted a design that matched that. It had to be an electric car that visually connected with the true passion of driving, rather than saying ‘I’m electric’.



We designed the exterior of the car, developed the final math data and produced the carbon fibre body panels.


DEFINE : The project was based on the Fisker Revero chassis, limiting the design intervention to the front and the rear of the car. We decided to approach the project intuitively, without references or clear definitions. But rather guided by our shared memory of the GT archetype.

DESIGN: We designed the car to be powerful, agile and firmly planted on the ground. A design that combines a muscular four seater body with the elegance and sensuality of the true GT car. The front fascia is dominated by three air intakes that feed 3 radiators, surrounded by full and continuous surfaces that allow the eye to caress the car without interruptions.

Being a genuine performance car, aerodynamics played a central role in the design of the GTE. This is visible in the fluid shapes and the archetypal ‘Coda Tronca’ design of the rear.

DEVELOP: Granstudio developed the final math data and engineering of the exterior body panels. Directly based on this math data stamps were milled and the body panels were produced in carbon fibre.

4 electric engines allow unparalleled power and control

4 electric engines allow unparalleled power and control

the ‘Quattro Manettino’ allow adapt and personalise the car behaviour

All drivetrain components were developed by Drako Motors

All drivetrain components were developed by Drako Motors

Mr. Seminara semina potenza
— Rocco about designer Vincenzo


It is interesting to see how software development is taking center stage when defining driving characteristics. It is there that the character of a car is defined, or should we say designed?




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