The expertise that Granstudio brings is unique. It covers both vehicle & user experience design and spans all the way from definition to development:

- to help our clients define the products & solutions they need to create, our senior team brings an outstanding amount of strategic & experience design expertise;
- to design these solutions, our team gathers talents in the fields of exterior & interior styling, colour & trim design, and interaction design at large.
- finally, to support the design phase and bring these solutions to a point where they can actually be prototyped or produced, we rely on a team of talented virtual modellers, engineers, physical prototypers and creative technologists.

Each of these capabilities is described in more detail below.


    Strategic & service design

    - In the early phase of projects, our senior team brings its unique strategic experience & knowledge in the combined fields of vehicle & user experience design to help our clients translate their ambition into a concrete product & service definition;
    - This work typically entails defining the project's target (users, context, time), rationales (value for users & society, business case for our clients), scope (vehicle typology and service identity), user experience (vehicle & service experience), and content (vehicle package, volume & proportions, content, service offering & partnerships);
    - The experience we bring here ranges from product & service portfolio management to product definition, package, volume & proportion definition, innovation management, design management, service design & business design.    We also bring in this phase extensive experience running collaborative workshops with our clients' internal stakeholders, external stakeholders or partners.



    Focusing on all aspects of styling, from exterior design to interior design as well as color & trim design, this practice forms our core strength. We understand the power of form and the impact of the first, pre-cognitive, visual impression. But our design is also at the service of building a lasting relationship between an object and its users. Its beauty should continue to reveal itself in time and through its use


    Interaction design

    - At Granstudio, we give 'interaction' a quite broad meaning, including every design layer that can contribute to the interaction a user will have with the products or services we design;
    - In the context of vehicle design, interaction thus ranges from traditional HMI (physical affordances) to digital design (whether building on screen, voice, sensors, haptics, augmented or mixed reality). It also includes the part of colour & trim design that can impact interaction as well as light and sound design;
    - In the broader context of the interaction between vehicles and their wider context (be it services & contents in or around vehicles, directly or indirectly connected with mobility or simply adjacent to it), the main additions to the above are in the fields of service & business design.


    Virtual modelling

    - Virtual modelling is a central element in the design & development of a vehicle
    - It starts with the translation of 2D styling into preliminary 3D sketchmodels to explore volumes & proportions;
    - It continues with the gradual translation of design to C-Class surface models that integrate technical inputs & constraints
    - Eventually, these surface models are gradually evolved into B-Class and then final surface A-Class models that integrate all technical requirements & surface quality up to G3 curvature
    - Photorealistic renderings and animations is also an important part of our work, typically with a view to feed the internal and external marketing & communications activities that accompany the launch of any project;
    - We work here with a wide variety of state-of-the-art software such as Alias, Icemsurf, CatiaV5, Ima, Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, which allow us to cover different typologies of math models and activities.


    physical prototype

    - We collaborates with selected partners for the realisation of styling models and prototypes. Examples range from simple foam models for studying volumes and proportions up to the construction of functioning prototypes;
    - In this field, we bring a long-standing experience for the management and development of both models and prototypes.


    Creative technology

    - Just as virtual modeling and physical prototyping are central to vehicle design, creative technology is central to interaction design and its integration with vehicle design;
    - Versatility is what characterises best this emerging team, whose mission is to find ways to mock-up and rapid prototype any type of experience we may be working on, be it in or around a vehicle, physical or digital, tangible or intangible, stand-alone or linking into a broader service & content context;
    - A key mission for creative technologists at Granstudio is to build a bridge with virtual modelling and physical prototyping to gain both in effectiveness and efficiency.



    - Our solid engineering expertise spans from early concept feasibility studies to the execution of final production math data. It supports the style development process, aligning feasibility verifications with the objectives of the project;
    - When developing productions cars, we can use either our internal process of that of our clients, anchored on complete technical checklists and progress reports. We handle all aspects from regulatory compliance to homologation for EU, USA and China, dimensional targets, technical and technological requirements. We also have an extensive experience designing and integrating aerodynamic requirements;
    - The technical contents introduced in the project evolve together with styling, from C-Class to B-Class and A-Class math surfaces. In the last grade of math we guarantee that all the engineering requirements are met, together with the highest level of geometrical surface quality (GO,G1, G2,G3) and process input (including DTS with Gap&Flush);
    - We are not an engineering components developer, but we have the knowledge and experience to steer the suppliers selected by our clients and can suggest which technologies to use for each context. Also, in order to stay a step ahead in terms of innovation which we can push into our projects, we routinely conduct advanced and strategic in-house research in collaboration with several partner companies;
    - We typically work with such engineering software as CATIA V5, Unigraphics and SolidWorks.