The speed and extent of transformation that mobility is going through is impacting & challenging society and businesses as never before. To better inform your strategy, probe what the futures of mobility mean for your business with Granstudio's Mobile Futures

Mobile Futures - Industry challenges

Not a day passes without mobility making the headlines, impacting not only the automotive and transportation core, but extending its reach into virtually any sector one can think of.

For most industries, mobility is today a big question mark. What does it mean for my business: Is it a threat, an opportunity? What should I do about it? How should I do it? In which time horizon?

This applies for instance, but is not limited to:

  • mobility hubs & car parks;

  • hospitality & restaurants;

  • health and wellbeing;

  • car maintenance & repair & car dealerships;

  • real estate;

  • education;

  • retail;

  • navigation;

  • public authorities.


Mobile Futures - A complex domain

Mobility is indeed a domain that:

  • Spans vehicles (old and new, car and non car), services (from pure mobility services to more distant services), infrastructure (physical & digital) & institutions;
  • Expands quickly from an incumbent core towards an increasingly distant periphery:
    • Core: traditional automotive & transportation players;
    • Fringe: secondary players, centered around automotive & transportation, from 'old' players to more recent entrants;
    • Periphery: new players;
  • Functions as a complex & dynamic system, with large interdependencies.
Mobile Futures - Low predictability

This constant reconfiguration is creating opportunities for new players and challenging old ones: 

  • New entrants are disrupting the old order, from new types of vehicles to mobility services or new service types;
  • Incumbent core players are pivoting both towards new vehicles and towards services.

But this  transformation is such, both in magnitude & speed, that it makes it very volatile & difficult to predict a domain: its predictable future is very short, and making predictions beyond that boundary is close to impossible.

This makes it a challenge for all players (established or new, core or peripheral) to plan their road ahead:

  • Understanding their way in for non-core incumbents;
  • Identifying the next disruption opportunities for new entrants;
  • Consolidating their transformation for core incumbents.
Mobile Futures - Imperfect approaches

In face of this, current approaches fail to inform strategy properly:

  • Either they explore the unknown future in very concrete ways but with a typically very narrow sectoral focus (as for instance with the automotive industry); 
  • Or they are very concrete but short-term (as for instance with the service industry), or long-term but in most intangible ways (as for instance with consultancies).

This is where mobile futures comes in, to fill a gap by completing & building on what exists:

Mobile Futures - Positionning

Where Silicon Valley safaris are journeys into what is going to happen tomorrow, Mobility Futures is a journey into what lies beyond this immediate, observable and predictable future. 

It is a platform to probe the futures of mobility in a way that addresses the shortcomings of current approaches:

  • Holistic & open rather than narrow & sectoral, to leverage the power of collective intelligence;
  • Evolving rather than. one-off, to keep pace with the constant and fast-pace transformation of the domain, constantly enriching and evolving our understanding and tracking key future indicators;
  • Scenario-based rather than building on simplistic marketing views of the world, to address the low predictability of the domain through credible fictions that carefully balance utopia and dystopia;
  • Long-term & tangible rather than short-term and/or too abstract, to  inform strategy properly through the creation of immersive, realistic fictions.
Mobile Futures - Program description

As a program, Mobile Futurs unfolds as a series of customer engagements that:

  • Build on the momentum accumulated by Granstudio during the 7 years of its existence;

  • Build on one another:
    • Making available accumulated knowledge to new joiners;
    • Sharing regularly the new knowledge with previous participants;

...thereby enriching constantly the knowledge base.

Mobile Futures - Individual session description

For each participant, Mobile Futures unfolds as: 

  • A three-week onsite engagement to:
    • Frame the scope and define its driving forces;
    • Probe the future collaboratively with our clients and derive three main scenarios;
    • Turn these scenarios into an immersive realistic fiction material and present it back to the client, together with a detailed documentation of the work;
  • One or more sessions after this initial engagement to share the new learnings and examine the Key Future Indicators tracking, either in the from of private presentations or open sharing & discussion events.

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