The speed and extent of transformation that mobility is going through is impacting people, businesses and institutions as never before. Mobile Futures is Granstudio’s response to this challenge, helping companies probe what the future of mobility means for their business to better inform their strategies.

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Not a day passes without mobility making in one way or another the headlines, impacting not only the automotive and transportation core, but extending its reach into virtually any sector one can think of.

For all, mobility is today a big question mark. What does it mean for my business? Is it a threat, an opportunity? What should I do about it? How should I do it? In which time horizon?

This applies for instance, but is not limited to:

  • mobility hubs & car parks

  • hospitality & restaurants

  • health and wellbeing

  • car maintenance & repair & car dealerships

  • real estate

  • education

  • retail

  • navigation

  • public authorities.


Mobile Futures - Positionning

Mobility is indeed a domain that is not only complex and systemic, but also expanding and transforming at an unprecedented pace, creating opportunities for new players and challenging old ones but making it at the same time very volatile & difficult to predict for all.

In face of this, current approaches fail to inform strategy properly. Either they explore the unknown future in very concrete ways but with a very narrow sectoral focus (as for instance with the automotive industry), or they are very concrete but short-term (as for instance with the service industry), or long-term but in very intangible ways (as for instance with management consultancies).

This is where Mobile Futures comes in, by completing & building on what exists. They are journeys into what lie beyond beyond the immediate, observable and predictable future that are: 

  • Holistic & open, to leverage the power of collective intelligence
  • Evolving, to keep pace with the constant and fast-pace transformation of the domain
  • Scenario-based, to address the low predictability of the domain through credible fictions that carefully balance utopia and dystopia
  • Long-term & tangible, to inform strategy effectively through  immersive and realistic fictions.
Mobile Futures - Individual session description

As a program, Mobile Futures unfolds as a series of customer engagements that build on the momentum accumulated by Granstudio during the 7 years of its existence, but also on one another, constantly enriching our foresight base.

For each participant, Mobile Futures unfolds as a three-week onsite engagements to:

  • Frame its scope and define its driving forces
  • Collaboratively probe the future and derive three main scenarios
  • Turn these scenarios into an immersive realistic fiction material and present it back to the client, together with a detailed documentation of the work.

One or more sessions after this initial engagement are then organized to share what we learned with other participants, either in the from of private presentations or open events.

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