SENOVA D70 (2016)

A premium sedan for the Chinese market

The Senova D70 is a premium sedan of the BAIC Group that was first presented to the public during the 2017 Shanghai Motorshow and commercialized at the beginning of 2019.


photo’s: Pietro Carrieri


Exchanging experience and cultural knowledge to create the ideal mix.


The Senova D70 project was developed in collaboration with the BAIC Design Centre. This allows to create an ideal exchange between the cultural understanding and market knowledge of their team with our experience. It proofed a valuable exchange that helped us to gain deep insight into the specific needs of the Chinese market.



Based on the project definition of the client, we defined a styling that expresses the values of the Brand while at the same time re-position is at a more premium level in the market.


DEFINE : The project was based on a project definition that was delivered by the client. Therefore the work of Granstudio focussed on a stylistic translation of this input that fits the Chinese market.

DESIGN: The design language is strongly connected to values of China’s capital Beijing and home of BAIC, the ‘City of the North’. This is literally translated in reinforcing the ‘north symbol’ of the brand’s logo into the front design. The symbol emerging from the front logo stretches all the way into the headlamp, But above all, it’s about balancing traditional and innovative values.  The classic proportions are combined with advanced and technological design elements into a balanced design.

Just like in the front, the corners in the rear of the vehicle are clearly marked with edges, emphasizing the full width of the car but also adding to the aerodynamics.

On the interior, traditional and precious materials like wood and leather are combined with the use of innovative materials and material treatments: an elegant answer to the desire for luxury and technology in the Chinese market. The touchscreens in the car seem to be floating and light, while the volumes of the IP and tunnel are solid and reassuring. Just like in the exterior, there is a combination of elements that manages to create a balance between dynamics and solidity, between a natural feeling of luxury and an advanced feeling of technology.

DEVELOP: We developed the final surface data for the exterior and interior, integrating all the technical and legal requirements needed to produce the prototype. We created a complete ‘construction manual’ that allowed to build the prototype close to the client’s premises in China.



It is essential to acknowledge the very different needs, culture and taste that exists in different markets. The difference between Europe and China is essential, and needs to understood and integrated in the projects.




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