Our view

We believe in a multi-mobile future in which a growing diversity of mobility means improve and enable each other

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Our future will know a greater diversity of vehicles and services that fit a specific use and context.

Innovative new typologies of vehicles in the city centre, comfortable auto-driven cars on the highway, autonomous trains for long distance and the pure sports car for the occasional re-connection with the fun to drive. In this vision our Mobjects are not in contradiction with a Dallara Stradale. To the contrary, they enable and improve each other, connected through the focus on use over ownership.
This multimodal future is enabled by new technologies that lower the complexity of making new vehicles, but it is the need for a better synergy with the surroundings and our changing mobility behaviour that is key.



It’s about how well a vehicle or service performs for its specific purpose.

Taking the multi mobile future as our new framework, we can see how we can improve the performance of our current vehicles by creating a clearer vision on their specific purpose within the whole. A specific urban mobility solution can be better and more efficient for daily moving in the city centre than the car that needs to go on the highway too.
To perform well for a specific purpose is thus not expressed in simple numbers, but it tells us how well our design merges the desires of the individual user with the needs of a specific context.



We need to take a broad human perspective

In a diversified mobility future with a broader variety of purposeful vehicles, we need to take the quality and beauty of the human mobility experience as our point of view. That is the perspective that allows us to understand the individual desires and the changing role of the car. That’s how we can see that sometimes new typologies are needed or innovative means that stretch far beyond the scale of the vehicle, to avoid that the mobility experience falls apart between the use of different vehicles.
Only then we can see what we need and how to design it.

At Granstudio we’re interested in the future of reality, and not in a fantasy of the future.
— Lowie Vermeersch, CEO & Creative Director
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