SUIT is the third concept car in the OffSpace series, to explore the future directions for the BAIC brand, one of China's top five domestic car brands.

( From the press release ) We are living times of unprecedented changes, from the ever-growing multiplicity, impulsiveness and expectation level of our needs and desires to the advent of hybrid motorisation and autonomous driving. Designing for that change was the central theme of this concept. It is a car that seamlessly suits our changing needs and contexts.

A premium car with dynamic proportions, it is dressed in elegant and aerodynamic lines. Simultaneously, its true off-road DNA and multi-power drivetrain make it suited for all situations, from responding well to the need for cleaner city centres to the pleasure of long drives or the thrill of off-road trips. Distinctive design elements signal the move towards this multi-power new era. Take for instance the intelligent air-intake breathing surface: the slim vertical openings blend into the body surface, opening to increase air ingress when more engine performance is needed, or closing to optimise aerodynamic efficiency when possible.

But the true essence of the car lies in the flexibility of its interior, designed as an open platform to support any needs that its users may have, planned or unplanned, and let them enjoy the delight of life on board. Key here is the tunnel that, building on an innovative sliding modular system, can be adjusted to one's needs at any moment at the tip of a finger. Together with the versatility of the screen, it turns the interior into a first-class living space, which adapts to users, from drivers to riders in autonomous mode and, of course, passengers, and which supports each one in whatever they do, from driving to working or just relaxing. This all-aroundness is further underlined by the choice of materials and colours that, from classic premium materials such as leather and aluminium, to innovative 3D and natural materials such as marble and stone, create an eclectic yet homogeneous whole.

The OffSpace SUIT is an expression of a new approach to design that is open, flexible and service-oriented. A design that does not prescribe a singular use but that creates numerous possibilities for users to choose from. A design to does not only create great driving pleasure but improves the way we live the day. 

Project delivered in
April 2018