Granstudio studied the desires and needs of passengers of Level 4 Autonomous vehicles. These were translated into a concept interior full of innovative ideas. It acts as an open ended platform that responds to the increasing diversity of needs.


A major Tier 1 supplier was challenged with a rapidly changing market and client's needs. What will be relevant in car interiors of the future? What contents and components will be needed? He asked Granstudio to come up with a concept vision of what the future of autonomous (level 4) car interior would look like, in order to generate ideas and give strategic direction.


We first studied in depth the future context: What will actually be possible from a technological and legislative point of view in 5 years from now? And what does this mean for the behaviour and desires of future car drivers and passengers? We translated this into the main driving forces that will shape the definition of car interiors for the near future, developed user scenarios to get insight into the desired user experience and generated ideas that can enable this experience. Finally, we visualised these ideas into image boards.


The project resulted into an extended study that defined a new framework for future car interiors, and a strategic proposal of how our client could best respond with that new framework. As part of this study more than 40 concrete ideas were generated to be integrated in the future product development of new interior components.

Our View

Within the future framework of Level 4 autonomy, the car interior will partially shift from a 'place to ride' into a 'place to reside'. This means also a shift from the predictable driver/passenger behaviour towards an increasingly unpredictable behaviour of car 'inhabitants'. As designers we should respond to this by designing interiors as open platforms full of possibilities rather than designing interiors that oblige users into a pre-defined behaviour.

Project delivered in
May 2018