The City of Ghent (Belgium) appointed a study team to conduct spatial and mobility research for the future of Viaduct B401, better known as Ghent's fly-over.

The team consists of Tractebel Engineering NV, 51N4E, Granstudio, dr. Kobe Boussauw, dr. Leeke Reinders and dr. Jan-Willem Van der Schans. A jury selected this team based on their vision of the assignment and their proposed approach.

The B401 connects the E40 and E17 motorways with the city's ringroad and brings the highway to the heart of the city. The viaduct intersects and disrupts the adjacent urban fabric and takes a big bite from the Zuidpark. The city has long been seeking to address this strip to take steps towards sustainable mobility and improved quality of life in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Starting in October 2017, the appointed team will conduct an exploratory spatial study, investigating potential future scenarios for the B401 and its surroundings. The planned research is the starting point for the development of new urban and mobility concepts.

Press release (in Dutch)

Project delivered in
May 2017