MOBIHUB (2017)

Granstudio led an Ideation Lab whose objective was to co-ideate & qualify mobility service concepts that can be piloted and launched rapidly, including the design of projects needed to run such pilots. 

Mobility is undergoing paradigmatic transformation - changes of an unprecedented magnitude and speed in terms of people’s needs, behaviours and attitudes, policy, infrastructure, energy, technology, vehicles, services, value chains, business models, etc. - with definite potential impact on the livability of our cities.

On the deep conviction that this challenge is one that public bodies will be slow to address, one that no one player can tackle alone, but one that at the same time opens a whole range of opportunities, Mobihub is a totally unique initiative, a do-tank that was set up to bring together five private non-competitive actors to co-ideate, qualify, build and quickly deploy desirable & commercially viable ecosystem innovations with positive impact on urban liveability. The objective being to create momentum and pave the way to broader, more strategic endeavours.


This project unfolded as follows: 

  • Desk & field research to build a deep understanding of the mobility challenges affecting Brussels and the solutions already existing
  • Ideation workshop based on six main archetypes of users and key stakeholders in the overall mobility landscape...
  • ...generating a total of 28 ideas, reviewed and critically evaluated, notably against the key evaluation criteria of the participating companies...


  • ...which allowed us to select six of them and develop them into concepts that were evaluated with real users and, eventually, also with the participating companies.
  • These concepts were then refined and regrouped into four final project proposals providing the following level of specification: 
    • High-level description
    • User experience
    • Business model canvas
    • Pilot project canvas, including human & financial resource estimates
Project delivered in
November 2017