The interior design of the Senova Offspace consciously creates a contrast with it's sturdy exterior: inside the aim is to create a calmer experience, with a modular design that puts the interaction, communication and well-being center stage.

Senova OffSpace Framework

Before starting the interior design of the BAIC Senova OffSpace, we conducted a deep research into the user behaviour of the chinese market ( in collaboration with Reframing Studio ) and more in particular into the meaning and content of it's interaction design.  During this research we defined the driving forces that will define the future car interiors and we distilled out of them 3 relevant future user behaviours: Self-Expression, Bonding and Well-Being.

This insight allowed to create a user centered design that adresses the concerns of future customers. 'Self Expression' was translated mainly into the expressive and manifesting design of the exterior, while the interior was designed around the possibility to communicate ( 'Bonding' ) and conceived as a personal private bubble that can sense your body ( 'Well Being' ).

Designed in collaboration with BAIC Motors Design Centre.

Senova OffSpace Interior
  • Client: BAIC Motors, in collaboration with BAIC Design Centre
  • Year: 2016 ( presented at Beijing Motorshow ) 
  • GS activities:
  1. - Definition ( Strategic research, HMI Research )
  2. - Design ( Styling, CAS, Color&Trim, Interaction Design )
  3. - Development ( Engineering, prototype build )
  • Awards : Best Chinese Concept Car of the year 2016, Car Styling

From the press release: 'The inside of the Senova OffSpace is designed for a premium on board experience. Because we have more and more time available thanks to assisted and automated driving, the interior of the car offers a complete ‘Life on Board’ experience. You connect with the world and your loves ones, check your well-being with the build in sensors or simply enjoy a good movie or music, shielded from the increasingly frantic traffic on the road. Special attention has been given to the HMI that offers the best user experience: physical commands where the hand can feel and touch them best, and a screen in a high and far away position that is ideal for the eyes. The software allows to use ‘personal apps’ like WeChat seamlessly together with the ‘car apps’ like the innovative instrument cluster.'

Check the article published in Auto&Design magazine

Project delivered in
March 2016