Granstudio's new premises

Granstudio is a car and mobility design studio that was founded in 2011 by Lowie Vermeersch and a multi-disciplinary team of experts in Turin, Italy. We offer a unique combination of extensive expertise in both vehicle design and user experience design, which allows us to design cars, vehicles and mobility solutions that actually matter to people and society:
- We define, design & develop vehicles
- We define, design & develop mobility services
- We define & design connections between infrastructure, vehicles & services

Our team consists today of about 40 creatives working on a global range of projects that vary from initial research and strategy to production design. We also develop independently projects, lectures and collaborations that explore the future of mobility. We operate in close cooperation with our reputed sister studio, the reframing experts Reframing Studio, Amsterdam.


    Our approach is vision-led and execution grounded

    Our approach is vision-led and execution grounded

    Innovation projects start with a clear vision definition.  It is here that we define why the project can actually matter.  We then focus on the desired mobility experience and thus take the human meaning as our guiding motive. This approach is based on the reframing process, and in combination with our know how of both vehicle and service design it allows to initially detach from known solutions and conventions and re-define what the right means are to reach the goal: a new vehicle or product idea, a new mobility solution service or, increasingly, a combination of both.  

    Our deep expertise and long experience with styling and execution enables us to design and develop  those ideas and vehicles into beautiful and feasible outcomes that fit the scope of the project and the strategy of our clients. It is in this combination of vision and execution that creates actual value for people, clients and society.


    We build on a unique expertise

    We build on a unique expertise

    Our expertise (check our expertise page) spans all the way from research to development, across both vehicle & mobility design: 

    • to ground our project work but also to help our clients probe the present and the future, our entire team is involved in trends & market research and futures mapping;
    • to define successful strategies, products and solutions, our senior team brings an outstanding amount of strategic design experience and expertise, from brand to user experience definition and holistic concept definition;
    • to turn these early concepts into world-class designs, our team gathers talents in the fields of exterior styling, interior styling, interaction design and color & trim;
    • finally, to develop these designs to actual prototyping and production, we rely on a team of talented engineers, virtual modelers and physical prototypers.