If you want to get in touch with us, you can call us at  +39 011 2478408 or contact us by email through one of the following contacts:

Car design

You would like to discuss the design of a car,  some other vehicle, or specific elements of it, from exterior to interior, color & trim or HMI? Please contact us at:


Mobility design

Your query is about the broader mobility domain? It relates to mobility services or your focus is even broader and about mobility systems? Please reach us at:


Opinions, talks, research

You seek an expert opinion about the future of cars & mobility, you are looking for a speaker or maybe a research partner? Please get in touch with us at:


Vacancies & internships

Interested in joining Granstudio? Make sure you check our vacancies under the Studio section! But you can of course contact us directly at:

job@granstudio.com or 

Our offices are located at the following address:

Via Giovanni Pacini 53
10154 Turin, Italy
Tel: +39 011 2478408